kamal singh

founder, Lighting Designer, marketing and Sales

Kamal has a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Toronto and is the founder of Dhol Toronto Entertainment. This extra-ordinary combination of Engineering and Entrepreneurship skills is what drives Dhol Toronto Entertainment. Kamal has over 10 years of DJing experience and his passion for music started at an early age of 12 years when he started playing the Dhol and Tumbi. Over the years, he has learned various beats and rhythms on the dhol ranging from UK Style to more Classical and Complex routines. Kamal specializes in spinning Bhangra, Bollywood, English Top 40s and 90s Hiphop music.

Applying the programming and electrical skills to the lighting industry, Kamal is the senior lighting designer for Dhol Toronto Entertainment and can create custom lighting shows as per the client's requirements. Specializing in computerized DMX protocol using Chauvet's ShowXpress and Light Jockey Software. Kamal can setup and program almost any kind of DMX-Compatible lighting fixture to create a dramatic lightshow at an event. His versatile experience in DJing, Dhol Performances and Knowledge of Lighting for all kinds of events gives him an advantage over his competition.

In addition to the talent and experience, he is the driving force behind the marketing strategies and customer satisfaction department of Dhol Toronto Entertainment. Since customer service is our top priority, Kamal engages in a direct one-to-one meeting with all clients to ensure nothing is overlooked and that all the clients' requirements are full-filled. Kamal's connections with other wedding vendors has given him the cutting edge in marketing the Dhol Toronto Brand across North America.