Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I get a separate dhol player with the DJ Packages?
  2. All our DJ Packages include a "Complimentary DHOL SERVICE" meaning that the DJ who will perform at your event knows how to play the dhol and hence will be able to play dhol for your entrances and anytime your require the dhol during the evening. Please note that since the DJ will be spinning music during the night, he can either play the dhol or music at any one time. If both music and dhol is required, we recommend adding a second dhol player to the DJ Package for an extra cost.
  3. Are your prices negotiable?
  4. Typically all our packages and addons are priced reasonably and the quotation we provide is the best price we can offer for that specific date, however some sort of a discount will be offered to clients who book multiple dates or add more than 3 add-on services in addition to the DJ package. The discounts we provide can either be a slight reduction of the final amount or by offering extra services at a discounted rate.
  5. We are booking a hall which has all the speakers and lighting and all you need to do is plug into it. Can you reduce your price?
  6. No. You are paying us for our time and talent. For all events where we have to use the "In-house Speakers", we have a plug-in package carefully priced to be fair to the DJ and the Client.
  7. We have rented the hall Lighting, can you control them for us?
  8. No. We recommend having an on-site technician booked through the A/V Company servicing the "In-House System" you have booked with, so that our DJs can focus on the Audio aspect of the night.
  9. Can we use your laptop to project our slideshows?
  10. No. Our Laptop is wired and calibrated to the controller hence will only be used by the DJ to play music. You will have to bring your own laptop for the slideshows.
  11. Do your dhol players sing Boliyan During Bharaat?
  12. Yes most of our dhol players can sing the "Baari Barsi Boliyan" during an event while playing the dhol, however you will have to let us know ahead of time that you require such a performance so that we can allocate the appropriate dhol player to your event.
  13. We only require a dhol player for 5 minutes for an entrance, please give us a better rate?
  14. Our minimum time and price allocated to each booking is 1 Hour whether we play for 5 Minutes or the entire hour. Our time starts when we arrive at the event and provide coverage for the entire allocated hour. Extra 10 minutes can be given to the client if the event runs late, however it is solely at the discretion of the dhol player(s) as we sometimes have events back to back.
  15. Do you have Videographers and Photographers to bundle with DJ Package?
  16. No. We specialize in only DJ, Dhol and Lighting and by becoming the "Jack of All Trades", simply means we are diluting our brand values which we cannot afford to. We can however refer you to Top vendors in this industry who we have worked in the past to ensure no compromises.