Dhol performance alongside another instrument such as Violin, Bagpiper, Trumpet or West Indies Tassa band

With this option, you are booking dhol player(s) alongside an accompanying musician for a fusional performance. Since this is a purely a synchronized performance, we recommend this to be udsed as part of the entertainment segment during a reception.

The options for the accompanying musician are:

  • Scottish Bagpiper
  • Violinist
  • Tabla Player
  • West Indian Tassa Band


  • 1 Hour Booking slot (Includes setup time, a 15 Minute Performance and Takedown time)
  • An option for multiple dhol players or multiple accompanying musicians
  • A synchronized performance with sets played by each artist followed by a joint performance to wrap up
  • Some accompanying artists such as the Violinist and Tabla Players require access to your DJ's mixer to patch in their instruments for amplyfication of the sound. Depending on the accompanying artist required, we will be sending a checklist for the DJ to ensure we have proper sound available to execute the performance flawlessly.
  • This package can be paired with our DJ packages